Best Calcium Supplements Singapore

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Best Calcium Supplements Singapore

There are 2 main types of calcium supplements on the market. They are those with:

1. Calcium Carbonates
2. Calcium Citrates

What's the difference between Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Citrate?

The most common calcium supplements use calcium carbonates as its main ingredient as it is cheap and easily obtained from sources like abondoned seashells. Calcium Carbonate however, is not as readily absorbed by the body as the other form, Calcium Citrate.

Calcium citrate, which is basically a combination of citric acid and calcium (hence, a 'citrate'), has been shown to be more bioavailable then its carbonate counterpart and less likely to cause gas, constipation and formation of kidney stones,

Calcium Citrate is however, a little more expensive to produce and because less of it of it is elemental calcium, you will need need to consume more calcium citrate to get the same amount of calcium as calcium carbonate. This tend to make the pills a little bigger as well.

So which form should you take?

The general arguement is that even though Calcium Carbonate is cheaper and you need to take less of it to get the same amount of Calcium, less of it is absorbed, which ultimately defeats the purchase. Calcium Citrate is therefore seen as a the favourable option as it's more easily absorbed and seem to cause less irritation to people's digestive systems.

Apart from Calcium, good bone formulas should include Vitamin D, which helps with absorption of the Calcium and Magnesium, which is an important mineral in a bone's structure.

How do you tell them apart?

Very easy. The cheaper ones with no 'Calcium Citrate' labels mostly have Calcium Carbonate as their primary ingredient while 'Calcium Citrate' based products are usually labeled as such. One can always double check the supplement facts label to check for its main ingredient.

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